Why repetitive advertising forced me to buy premium services.

Why repetitive advertising forced me to buy premium services.

Like most people I enjoy services like Hulu and Spotify. However, I recently?switched to both premium features without ads; both for various reasons mind you.

Now I normally don’t mind ads, but what makes them annoying is the repetitive nature of these ads. I was happy and excited when I got Hulu since I only paid $7.99 a month but, when I started to watch my shows, ads came every 15 minutes. Normally this would be ok, but every 15 minutes the same ads would repeat. You can see how this would get annoying. I tried months with ads and at one point, I said screw this and opted to pay $11.99 for the premium service without ads. I mean it worked I ended up paying a higher price to avoid the ads.

With Spotify the ads were not a problem. The problem lied in how many times you can skip a song on a mobile device.??Now mind you Pandora does the same thing as well, and so do other music streaming services. But, what set Spotify above the rest was being able to download music and listen to it offline with no internet connection needed (great when your flying or traveling through the boonies). Also it has better sound quality, and of course no ads.

Sometimes the premium services/features pay off like with Spotify, however with Hulu I feel I was annoyed to death into switching to a premium service. If the ads were better and not repetitive. I probably would have stayed with the cheaper plan.

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